Feuilles d’herbe (2021)

Exhibition of drawings and prints at Cheyne Editeur in Devesset en Ardêche

This exhibition is a journey designed as a walk. I invite the viewer to walk in my footsteps. I give to see “moments of the world”, bursts of glances seized here and there. In short, it is a question of being attentive to what arises and which comes to knock or even hit my retina!  I collect these little things: reflections, shadows, movement, light, grasses… to then make a sensitive transposition.

What is seen otherwise, what is seen, in a way, from inside ourselves, although seen outside, seems to reach what we have of more intimate, or to reveal itself entirely only to the most intimate of us.

In this case, all appearances are against us. There is, so to speak, no hope to take them in default; except precisely, when some of them penetrate thus in us and follow in us these beautiful ways. 

Philippe JACCOTTET, In Après beaucoup d’années (Cahier de Verdure)

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