La chambre verte (2018)

Installation, mixed techniques on non-woven paper, vegetal foam, pebbles, video (duration 6 minutes); video editing, Fanny Martinez; text voicing, Elisabeth Von Buxhoeveden

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France Mongeau‘s text is the real starting point of this project. It evokes the love room as a place open to the surrounding nature. This constant coming and going that the author does, between a closed place and an open place, inside and outside, was the starting point of my reflection. How can certain places in nature, by their very nature in the open air, be considered as closed places and are sometimes compared to human constructions: cathedral, bedroom, chapel, room, hut, etc ? From this questioning, the following questions arose: How to make the inside and the outside coexist? What kind of intimacy do we maintain with a place of nature that has become familiar to us?