Natura Naturans I (2019-2020)

Acrylic on non-woven paper mounted on frames (various sizes)

The notion of Natura naturans borrowed from Spinoza refers to a nature being made as a substance present to the sense and imagination. It implies the interiority of a process that is part of a continuous flow. For me, it is a question of retranscribing this teeming nature that quivers and vibrates in space.  This work which engages the whole body is always carried out on the ground, horizontally; it requires concentration and energy until the transfer of the “brush” on the support. It imposes to be attentive to what is happening in oneself, to be attentive to the measure of one’s gesture. There is in this process of covering and repetition of the trace, however minute it may be, this necessity to find this “tension” of the living, at the origin of all things.