Natura Naturans, Galerie Hébert

(…) la nature est elle-même un ouvrage perpétuellement vivant, un ouvrier sans cesse actif qui travaillant d’après soi-même, toujours sur le même fond, bien loin de l’épuiser, le rend inépuisable.  Buffon

Natura Naturans is a concept borrowed from Spinoza, referring to nature in the making as a substance present to sense and imagination. It emphasizes the interiority of a process, and is thus part of a movement of continuous, unchanging flux. So, in my work, I seek to convey the idea of nature’s abundance, quivering and vibrating in space. A subtle weave where the visible and invisible intermingle, my aim is to get as close as possible to this tenuous and fragile link that connects me/us to living things.

Crédits photographiques : Didier Gourbin