The landscape is invisible because the more we conquer it, the more we lose ourselves in it. (...) We do not have a memory for the landscape, nor do we have a memory for ourselves in the landscape. We dream in broad daylight with our eyes open. We are robbed from the objective world but also from ourselves. It is feeling it.

Erwin Straus, Du sens, des sens

It must first be mentioned that Anne-Laure H-Blanc’s eye captures, and collects by observing her surroundings to retain only the fleeing, the tiny, and the almost nothing. Indeed, it is within this interstice, more than anywhere else, that her fragility is told. The image in its immediacy fits on the sensitive surface of the retina. The image, presence becomes absence. It composes the strata of memory to constitute the mold of what one day will become incarnated. And so begins the work of remembering.

Despite the medium used, Anne-Laure H-Blanc’s work is to be considered a snapshot, in a photographic sense: a superposition of revealed moments that are constituted from snapshots of memory and reality. It launches a process which involves tracing: to feeling of what has been and surfaces what is no longer. Imprints, features, lines and graphs materialize to become motives, which repeat, interlock, make links and sense by feeding off of the previous ones. Each intervention resonates, echoes and layers at the same time: an intimate archive and revelation all at once, of what was.

In the act of covering the surface, whatever it might be, there is a will to unveil. Every gesture performed follows a ritual: rub, wipe, scrape, scarify, scratch, print, drop, cover, weave, accumulate, mix, start again. The aim is to make the trace exist / to find the trace, and perhaps find substance. It involves the act of making and remaking in order to better understand. In each new image, the aura of the previous and the sprout of the next are superimposed. They are not, to use Maldiney’s words, images of memory but of a calling, which free us from familiar evidence of the well-known and which carry us far into the unknown of another Open. They establish a point of view on the world. They are intimately linked to life.

Her work lies in “this gap,” between what we thought to discern and what could be, a little like when we squint our eyes to better understand the contours of what we are looking at. Sight simply becomes a sense by which the observer looks at himself. This is an allusive approach to bringing about a “change of scenery” because what is there before our eyes is not what is, but what needs to linger. These new images given to see, animate by the cunning intelligence they arouse. They must lead the creator of the work, the one who is looking at it, to use his memory, and his emotional memory, more than his eyes. Using both reflexivity and sensory at the same time, they require the viewer to let go and immerse themselves. He is asked detour from the paved road, and to perform, in turn, a “displacement”.

Thus, Anne-Laure H-Blanc’s work aspires to find this fundamental freedom reappropriates the gaze surrounding us and of what we no longer see. The perceived image then becomes a sensitive transposition, which allows the viewer to be filled with his emotions, bonds of intimacy with objects and the environment.

january 2018



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Laniakea #1 : Drawing session27 February to 07 March 2021

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Group show, La Maison de Brian, Simiane La Rotonde – FR

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